Our Nature's pH

How polluted are our environments?

The natural optimum for river health and ecosystems are slightly alkaline environments preferring a pH range of 6.5 - 8.0. pH. The acidity and pollution of our river system are a combination of natural and manmade factors. However, the recent rapid acidification of many natural water systems has become the result of man-made actions. This contributes to only 14% of English rivers being of good ecological standard, states the Environment Agency 2020.

What can are the natural and man-made causes of river pollution?

Natural: Natural geology - water that passes over slightly acidic rocks can become acidic due to chemical changes.

Manmade: Population Growth

Plastic Pollution

Emerging Chemicals

Emissions - Acid rainfall Agriculture - use of nitrogen fertiliser and livestock introduction into the catchment. Groundwater quality is currently deteriorating. This vital source of drinking water is often heavily polluted with nitrates, mainly from agriculture. Water companies then have to treat water from different sources to make it safe to drink.

Climate Change - warmer temperatures encourage large growths of algae blooms. Algae blooms use up oxygen within the water and therefore chokes wildlife.

Sewage overflow - Water companies in England discharged raw sewage into rivers on more than 200,000 occasions last year (Environment Agency, 2018)

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How to help our polluted rivers?

Awareness - test and acknowledge the pH of your natural water systems through the Our Nature’s pH kits’

Join one of my interactive embroidery and patchwork workshops. Learn to embroider your recycled fabric pH  indicator and share your stories with the other participants. We will work towards creating a large scale #ournaturesph quilt, which will highlight your new awareness of your local environment.

Respect and Care - both the public and businesses can do more to keep plastics, fats and household chemicals out of our drains.

Click to purchase - Our Nature’s pH Kits

Click to take part -  Co-creation Workshop (three workshops available on 31st July / 4th August / 7th August 2021) 

Resources: Environment Agency  |  Air Pollution Information System The Guardian UK Rivers

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