Natural Dye Workshops

Natural Colour Workshop | London Design Week

Colouring wood with waste colour, hosted at Blackhorse workshop and in collaboration with Laura Perryman and Joanna Thornhill. During the workshop, I shared skills of naturally dyeing wood with household waste such as onion skins and turmeric, showcasing how waste is today’s materials and how we can re-educate ourselves on what we perceive as waste.

Materials - Wooden Coasters, reclaimed Lyme wood sourced from London Euston and coloured with onion dye and turmeric.

Toast Renewal Auction | Online Workshop

Within this wonderful opportunity Alice collaborated and co-created with youth groups and the public on 'What does Renewal mean to them?' and translated these visual messages through subtle embroidery to highlight the repairs and allow the participants to become the maker.

Alice conducted two interactive drawing and mark-making workshops with a diverse group of individuals and Islington’s youth group, children aged from 8 - 15 years from low income backgrounds. In both workshops, the groups participated in timed drawing activities, playing with time and the rhythm of their marks. During the workshops, they explored the concept of renewal and visually translated the ideas of nature, sustainability and the rhythm of life through marks on paper, whilst discussing questions about communities and how to prolong the lifespan of our textiles.

After the workshop, Alice selected two participants' drawings and embroidered these into the coat, identifying ‘What renewal means to them?’ Additionally, during Islington's Youth group workshop, they played with the idea of a graphic symbol of a piece of toast due to the garments being Toast items, therefore inside the lining of the coat there is an embroidery symbol of a piece of toast inspired by the children's drawings.

Toast Renewal Project raised £3,244 for Crafts Council 'Lets Craft' initiative. The total funds raised for 'Lets Craft' will help support over 11,600 children, who have been severely impacted by the pandemic, providing them art supplies and materials to enable them to be the next generation of artists, designers and makers.