Alice Burnhope is an award-winning textile artist and designer, specialising in interactive and socially-engaged artwork. She utilises discarded fabrics to address the current imbalance between material use, waste and the effect on the natural environment.

Alice's work highlights the importance of the natural world and the sensory experience of being immersed within nature. She brings biophilic design into urban interiors by creating sculptural forms and tactile wearable art. Alice utilises unwanted textiles, traditional craft techniques and natural dyes, to support wellbeing and connectivity to nature.

Alice is been recently selected for 'Make It at Cockpit Arts 2021' and is based in Cockpit Arts Deptford. During her artist residency at Cockpit Arts, Alice will be developing her creative practice through the support of the following grants: Arts Council 'Developing Your Creative Practice' Grant; A-N Artists Bursaries 2021: 'Time Space Money' Grant and Loughborough University Founders' Grant.

Alice currently works part-time at local schools in Deptford, supporting and inspiring young students with their creative ambitions.

Alice's artwork is currently on sale at the Hayward Gallery, London.

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