Types of Workshops

Alice facilitates a wide range of natural dye workshops for individuals, groups, parties, corporate clients and charities.

Alice offers tailor-made workshops so make sure to get in contact if you'd like a workshop with a twist bespoke

"I booked Alice for a workshop for a bridal shower and it was so much fun would definitely recommend! Very easy to pick up the skills with Alice patiently teaching one to one where needed. It was a hit with all the ages in the party and we got to keep our hard work! Will be booking again- thank you Alice!"

- Amrit Grewal

Bundle Dye Workshop

Plants and flowers have been used for centuries to reveal the colours of nature onto our textiles. Natural dyeing is the perfect way to introduce yourself to this fascinating craft and reconnect to the natural world. During, the workshop you will create your very own botanically dyed silk scarf, flower pressed paper & paintings with natural dye inks, to create a visual statement of slow conscious design. 

Learn the basics of natural dyeing with three fun and interactive dye techniques: dye bath, bundle dye & hapazome, alongside painting with natural dye inks with Alice, award-winning textile artist. 

The workshop starts with an overview of natural dyeing using food waste. You'll learn how to prepare fabrics for dyeing, understand the purpose of mordants and how to prepare a dye bath. 

During the brewing process of your dye bath, you'll explore 'bundle dyeing' and 'hapazome' techniques to create beautiful botanical patterns on fabric and paper. Towards the end of the workshop you'll experiment with painting with natural dyes onto paper and card. 

Throughout the workshop Alice will share her expertise on sustainable practices and the therapeutic benefits of working with natural materials. It's a hands-on experience that combines creativity with environmental awareness. Join Alice for an informative and creative session and return home with your creations and an online guide!

Duration: 3 hours 

Per person £110

For group/corporate workshops please enquiry

Previous Workshops


in partnership with ArtHouse Jersey

Alice facilitated a natural dye demonstration during her artist residency at ArtHouse Jersey. Alice showcased how to create two natural dye baths from food waste such as avocados and onion skins, alongside bundle dye swatches


Alice facilitated a PR campaign for Cockpit Studios Bloomsbury. She conducted a bundle dye workshop for several of their high profile journalists and influencers.


London Design Week 2021

Colouring wood with waste colour, hosted at Blackhorse workshop and in collaboration with Laura Perryman and Joanna Thornhill. During the workshop, I shared skills of naturally dyeing wood with household waste such as onion skins and turmeric, showcasing how waste is today’s materials and how we can re-educate ourselves on what we perceive as waste.

Materials - Wooden Coasters, reclaimed Lyme wood sourced from London Euston and coloured with onion dye and turmeric.