A Sense of Nature

This collection awakens the importance of the natural environment and the sensory experience of being immersed within nature. Alice has been enlightened by childhood memories of play in her grandparents’ garden which has evoked feelings of joy and comfort from being submerged in the natural unkempt world.

There is growing evidence that urban residents may suffer from ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ because of the lack of access to green spaces either personal or communal. Consequently, they are alienated from the wonderful regenerative, essential and therapeutic experiences of nature. The recent and ongoing lockdown due to COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of being in nature for supporting wellbeing but also how urban residents are deprived from easy access to such spaces.

This project brings biophilic design into urban interiors, using recycled textiles and traditional craft, to support wellbeing and connectivity to nature. The mixture of processes, highlights the designer’s multi-disciplinary skill set which has manifested itself in the creation of a diverse and emotive collection.

Alice’s aspirations are to use textiles to create playful community spaces inspired by nature. Her aims are to interactively promote nature’s ability to improve personal wellbeing which are grounded in a holistic, socially and environmentally considered philosophy.

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