Artist Facilitator

in partnership with Royal Maritime Museum

Alice Burnhope is a regular visiting artist educator for the Royal Maritime Museum

Artist educator

Deptford Green

Secondary School

Alice Burnhope facilitated textile and natural dye workshops with year 9, 10 and 11 students at Deptford Green Secondary School over 2022 and 2023.


in partnership with ArtHouse Jersey

Alice Burnhope co-created a wearable community quilt during her artist residency at ArtHouse Jersey. She facilitated over 15 hours in person workshops ranging from natural dye demonstration to drawing and embroidery workshops with Jersey's local community. With over 30 individuals involved who contributed their motifs to the quilt, illustrating their thoughts and aspirations for the future of waste. 

The finished wearable quilt is currently exhibited in 'When Waste Meets Design' exhibition at ArtHouse Jersey

Arts 4 Dementia

Jubilee Bunting Workshop

Alice Burnhope facilitated an online bunting workshop with sufferers of Dementia for the Platinum Jubilee.

The participants bunting was exhibited at Cockpit Open Studio 2022

Cockpit Open Studios Jubilee Bunting making

Alice Burnhope facilitated an in person bunting workshop with Deptford local community and families for the Platinum Jubilee.

Waste Not! Workshop

in partnership with

American Vintage, Spitalfields & London Craft Week

Lux loungewear brand American Vintage hosts award winning textile artist Alice Burnhope for two workshops exploring up-cycling, customisation and repair. In partnership with American Vintage, Spitalfields and London Craft Week, Alice taught how using embroidery, appliqué and darning techniques we can breathe new life into items we’d otherwise discard.

The workshop used unwanted end of line items or participants own pieces in need of love or repair.

Earth's Embrace Community EMBROIDERY Workshop

“Firstly it was an outing, an experience, a way of expressing myself” participant testimonial

Eight individuals joined Alice in a community engaged embroidery workshop raising money for 'The Mind' mental health charity.

Over three hours, the participants become the makers! They conducted drawing and stitch exercises and experimented with essential oils. 

During the workshop, they discussed the following: wellbeing, our mental health and what makes us happy.

They explored and visually translate these topics through mark-making and embroidery into unwanted naturally dyed fabrics, promoting a circular textile model. These discarded fabrics were infused with essential oils to create a therapeutic atmosphere.

The participants embroideries work was showcased during London Craft Week at the 'Department store' in Brixton, a leading London Gallery.

London Borough of Culture | Day One 

Artist in Residence | Embroidery Workshop for Lewisham Borough

With the help of Goldsmiths' Community Centre volunteers' we created an inviting and immersive space, for locals to have a quiet moment in their day to draw with thread and reflect on what community means to them and their aspirations for the future of their borough?

We draw our thoughts and I taught a variety of embroidery stitches to the participants to weave their thoughts and aspirations onto recycled fabric. The embroidery will be later patch-worked together to create a reflection on the day’s events and a community statement. 

The main take home of the day is the beauty of community projects. Being around locals from all walks of life and how by participating in craft we find we are all equal and how we can learn from each other's talents and stories.

Earth Day Flag | Sir Roger Manwood's School

Earth Day Flag made in collaboration with students at Sir Roger Manwood's school. Flag constructed by Alice and made from up-cycled tent fabric. 

Sir Roger Manwood's school aims to make eco-improvements to its sports block and main school building with money raised on Earth Day today.

Collaboration X Toast | Crafts Council

Toast interview with Alice Burnhope

As part of Toast ongoing partnership with Crafts Council UK, they asked eight experienced textile artists from across the world to renew a few TOAST pieces from our archive collection. Using remnant fabric and faulty garments from production, each piece has been repaired, renewed and transformed using a variety of textile techniques.

In keeping with each maker’s unique style and artistic approach, the garments have been renewed with great attention to detail - from hand embroidered collars and patchworking to visible mending and appliquéd shapes.

The Toast Renewal auctioned raised over £3,244 for Crafts Council UK initiative 'Let's Craft'. The initiative provides art materials and supplies to low income children that have been severely impacted by the pandemic. 'Let's Craft' supports the next generation of designers, artists and makers.

Collaboration X The Exchange Erith

Presently Voluntary Maker 

"We are change makers. We are plural. We believe in the potential of others.”

The Makers are a group of local residents interested in the future of Erith and The Exchange as centres for creativity and community-led change.

They work together to create exciting and diverse opportunities for interaction, collaboration and understanding, in support of local people, communities, businesses and cultures.

The Makers are currently working on events and project ideas that will support The Exchange’s 2021 programme that will celebrate Erith and the full launch of The Exchange.

Collaboration X The Shelter King's Cross Boutique

Artist Volunteer 

Shelter Kings Cross Boutique, is a high-end charity shop allowing customers to buy vintage and designer clothing at an affordable price to raise money to end homelessness.

During London Craft Week 2019, Alice was part of a collaboration with the Shelter Kings Cross, to create a tapestry of ‘what does home mean to you?’ Alice and the public, embroidered scrap fabrics and later Alice patch-worked the embroidery together to make a tapestry. It now hangs in their boutique in Coals Drop Yard, London.

Collaboration X Fashion Revolution 

Student Ambassador for Fashion Revolution

November 2019 'Clothes Swap'

During Alice's placement year in London, she met the co-founders of Fashion Revolution, who opened her eyes to the global environmental cost and ethical impact of the fast fashion industry.

With this in mind, Alice was inspired to host her own clothes swap at Loughborough University’s Union to educate students and locals on the importance of ethical and sustainable fashion practices. This was achieved by organising Loughborough University’s first ‘Clothes Swap,’ enabling over 400 individuals to begin to build their own environmentally conscious wardrobe in a fun and affordable way. 

Alice invited a community of like-minded businesses and people together. Sharing a passion for ethical and sustainable practices as well as beautiful design. All proceeds from the event was raised for Fashion Revolution and the message for appreciating and valuing second-hand clothing was shared.