Feet on the ground head in the sky’ was the climax of ‘The Graduate Project’, a three month artist residency run by Modern Painters, New Decorators.The collaborative exhibition joined the dots between the shared interests of three graduates, exploring ideas of place and the natural world. Featuring performance, video, photography and installation the exhibition aimed to root us in our immediate surroundings, whilst prompting us to consider our own internal mental landscapes. The name of the exhibition was taken from Talking Heads’ 1983 hit ‘This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)’. Alice exhibited a live performance of ‘A Sense of Nature,’ including an installation of wearable art.

The live performance of ‘A Sense of Nature’ demonstrates how nature can be embedded within our urban interiors and everyday lives. To promote moments of pause and play, as well as inner confidence as we navigate our changing world. 

During the artist residency, Alice further explored her graduate project ‘A Sense of Nature,’ by creating ‘Waste Quilt’ a wearable quilt inspired by the West Highland Way. The piece challenges the concept of waste to inspire a rethink towards the lifecycle of materials, through utilising discarded textiles, natural dyes and traditional craft techniques. The fabrics were sourced from charities in Loughborough and naturally dyed with local restaurants and café’s food waste.

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