A space for human beings to come together, interact and share experiences in a harmonious and sensory environment.

The groundings of this project derived from the designers own personal struggles with mental health. During periods of extreme anxiety, Alice would long for a space of comfort, contentment and social engagement.

Through further research, the designer began to realise the scale of mental health sufferers throughout the world. Mental health problems are on the rise, it is estimated that ‘1 in 6 people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem’ (mental health foundation). With the general population becoming more susceptible to the stresses of a political, environmental and economic turbulent world, the need for social design for sufferers of mental health has become more important.

The soft organic shapes were inspired by the geology of Joshua Tree, California, where she conducted primary research in 2019, to explore her passion and love for geology.

The goal for the material outcomes is to create a soft tactile quality that intrigues people to touch and feel the fabrics and gaining more of an insight into their senses. Alice’s ambition is to present the collection of artefacts as installation art situated in areas for wellbeing users, such as mental health centres, spas and in educational facilities such as museums. These will provide opportunities, to sit, reflect and engage in a soothing and comforting environment.